Sinotruk International Asia US Department visit and guide

Release time:[2020-1-15 9:52:3]    Views:487
  In order to further promote the overseas sales work, strengthen the working contact and communication with sinotruk international, and deepen the understanding of our products by the overseas sales personnel of SINOTRUK international, on March 12, our company specially invited the overseas sales personnel of Asian American Department of SINOTRUK international to visit, guide and train in the factory.

  During the visit, our company sent professional R & D personnel to give a detailed explanation and training on the history of Hilbert brand, the company's products, performance comparison of competitive products and other enterprises and product knowledge. This training further deepened the understanding of the overseas sales manager of SINOTRUK international on the performance advantages of our company's products.

  In 2017, with the strong support of SINOTRUK international, our company made a breakthrough in overseas sales. I believe that this training will certainly play a good role in promoting overseas sales this year.
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