The eighth board of directors of SINOTRUK hilbo joint venture company was successfully held

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  The 8th board of directors of SINOTRUK hilbo (Shandong) equipment Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Jinan, Shandong Province on February 23, 2017. In a harmonious and friendly atmosphere, the conference reached consensus on all major agendas and was a pragmatic, efficient and fruitful conference.
  The meeting reviewed the 2016 business report of the company, affirmed the positive changes and progress of the company in all aspects in 2016; at the same time, it focused on the company's business plan for the whole year of 2017 and the strategic plan for 2020, and put forward key opinions and requirements.
  The board of directors put forward specific and clear requirements for the company's business development in 2017. All board members agree that 2017 is the key year for the joint venture to achieve business development. During the year, the key to the joint venture's business is still to reduce costs, promote sales and ensure quality. At the same time, operation will be a key link to ensure delivery. The board of directors requires the management of the company to formulate a detailed and clear work plan for the above key work and implement each task to each person, so as to ensure the completion of each task plan on time, with quality and quantity guaranteed.
  While carrying out business in 2017, the operation team of the joint venture always keeps in mind the company's strategic plan for the next 3-5 years. Our goal is to achieve 15% of the truck mounted crane and 6% of the truck mounted crane market share in China by 2020. The board of directors affirmed this strategic goal.
  Jiang Changming, general manager of the joint venture company, on behalf of the management of the joint venture company, made a report to the board of directors on the work in 2016 and the business plan for the whole year of 2017. At the same time, he expressed to the board of directors of the joint venture company his confidence in the future business development and determination to implement the resolutions of the board of directors in place.
  In 2017, the new spring of formal construction machinery industry ushered in the spring breeze of "two sessions". We believe that under the support of SINOTRUK group and Cargotec group hilbo company, under the leadership of the company and through the unremitting efforts of all members of the company, the joint venture company will be able to live up to its expectations, overcome difficulties, forge ahead and grow into a rising star in China's lifting equipment industry!
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