The training and exchange activities between the joint venture company and sinotruk group were successful

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  On February 17, 2017, SINOTRUK hilbo joint venture held a product and business policy training exchange activity for the import and Export Department of SINOTRUK group in Tai'an.
  Mr. Yang Zhengxu, general manager of SINOTRUK Group Import and export company, and Mr. Cheng Zhenhuan, executive deputy general manager, were invited to attend the event. Liu Peimin, vice president of SINOTRUK group and chairman of the joint venture, also made a special trip from Jinan to Taian on the afternoon of the 17th to attend the event.

  This training exchange activity has a compact schedule and rich contents. The import and export delegation of SINOTRUK arrived at the factory of Tai'an joint venture company at 3pm, visited the production line of the joint venture company, and had a more intuitive understanding of the existing crane and truck crane products of the joint venture company. At 4:30 p.m., the training and exchange activities began on time in Baoshan hotel. The two-hour training and exchange activities include the introduction of the business of the joint venture, the introduction of the products of the joint venture, the introduction and interpretation of the business policies of the joint venture in 2017, and the on-site exchange and interaction. The atmosphere at the training site is warm; the exchange activities are still going on till the dinner reception. Leaders and colleagues from all departments of SINOTRUK import and export who participated in the training and exchange activity expressed their interest in and affirmation of SINOTRUK hilbo products, and expressed their willingness and desire to actively promote the crane products of the joint venture company through the heavy truck chassis customers in their respective countries and regions.

  After the exchange training, the joint venture company has received two inquiries of crane products from overseas customers of SINOTRUK import and export department so far.

  With the continuous communication and docking activities between the joint venture company and sinotruk import and export as well as other main business units of SINOTRUK, and with the continuous communication between the joint venture company and hilbo sales network, we have reason to believe that the sales work of hilbo in 2017 will be able to achieve a leap forward development!

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