Steyr series

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◆ Performance advantages:

Brand new STR M5G driving cab adopts domestic main stream design with body strength meeting European ECE certification standard. Four points full-floating air suspension system is adopted which enables driving stability and comfort. Combined with large internal space.
MAN MC series engines with German technology create long-term benefits. Modular design adopted by the engine leads to 25% reduction of parts quantity and lighter dead-weight.Low fuel consumption achieved with wide range economic rotate speed area of 1200-1700r/min and advanced intelligent electronic control polymorphic fuel-efficient switch. Advanced Bosch CR fuel system increases MC series engine fuel injection accuracy, leading to a higher combustion efficiency and stronger power. 

Vehicle matching with MAN technology provides higher transmission efficiency and better stability. Customer requirements on efficient transportation is fully met by using particular technology of forced lubrication for transmission which makes the vehicle more efficient. The vehicle is reliable for use by matching front and rear axles with social mainstream resources which is mature and stable. 

◆ Main technical parameters:

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