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    Service promise
    Our company adheres to the service concept of "family", at the same time, the service center has formulated the service standard of "family", which requires service personnel to carry out after-sales service in strict accordance with the service commitment and the service standard of "family", and adhere to the principle of "users only need one call and we will do other things".
    1. Connotation of Family Service:
    ① Family Service: travel thousands of miles, family members always care.
    ② Active service: training, visiting new users, regular visits to old customers.

    ③ Timely service: make a phone call to report a letter, and relatives will be around in time.

    ④ Effective service: general faults shall be solved on the same day, and major faults shall be solved within three days.

    ⑤ Lifelong service: provide lifelong technical support services for our products.
    ⑥ The concept of Family Service: car in the hands of users, but also in the hearts of family members.
    2. Family service purpose:
    User first, quality first, reputation first. Set up the idea that "safeguarding the interests of users is the benefit of enterprises", think about what users think, what users need, do what users need, and solve the problems of users,
    3. Service goal: make the car safe.
    We follow the quality policy: "product leading is our eternal goal, customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit, quality service is our best commitment."
    After winning the bid, our company will fully comply with all the requirements of the contract, manufacture the bidding products in strict accordance with the quality requirements of national and enterprise standards, and fully comply with the requirements of ISO9001-2000 quality certification system and 3C certification. We carefully organize the purchase and production within the time specified in the contract, and provide high-quality products with quality and quantity guaranteed on time. Our company adheres to the service commitment and provides you with the best quality service.
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